10 ft Balloon Garland Kit
  • 10 ft Balloon Garland Kit

    Give your next party an Instagram-worthy moment with a DIY Easy AF Balloon Garland! Whether it is in-person or virtual, give yourself an unforgettable backdrop.


    The kit comes with everything you need to make your garland look professional, including:

    • Includes a mix of 100% organic + biodegradable 9", 11", 12", and 24" balloons, all made in the USA
    • Fishing line to string balloons


    Additional supplies you'll need to complete the garland: 


    The garland will take approximately one (1) hour to build and will remain inflated for up to three (3) weeks!


    All balloons are shipped flat and should be filled with air. Since they are filled with air, the balloons will not float. Colors may appear different based on your monitor resolution and balloon colors change during inflation.

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